Safe-T-Limit (PBT/PC and Static Dissipative).

Safe-T-Limit (PBT/PC and Static Dissipative).

The Safe-T-Limit switch was designed for situations requiring a unit which caters for heavy duty applications.

The Safe-T-Limit has pre-warn positive or non-positive alarm contact and a positive or non-positive trip contact, both individually adjustable. IP67 compliant.

Dual operational (ie. right or left hand is available); its unique spring/cam operator ensures long, trouble-free operation in the most severe environmental situations.

Available in a PBT/PC static dissipative and PBT/PC


Safe-T-Limit STLS-P ((PBT/PC) Body)

Safe-T-Limit STLS-P-SD ((PBT/PC) - Static Dissipation)

Safe-T-Limit STLS-P (PBT/PC) - Installation