Safe-T-Lanyard (Stainless Steel).

Safe-T-Lanyard (Stainless Steel).

The Safe-T-Lanyard is designed and manufactured for the purpose of a lanyard emergency stop pull wire system.

Coated in UV stable red polyurethane, enabling the wires to withstand the harsh environments they are placed in, the Safe-T-Lanyard contains stainless steel construction wire while the Safe-T-Lanyard Vectran™ contains a liquid crystal polymer (LCP) multifilament melt spun yarn rope.

Safe-T-Lanyard = 3mm (Inside Diameter) x 5mm (Outside Diameter) 6 x 19.

Safe-T-Lanyard Vectran™ = 3mm (Inside Diameter) x 5mm (Outside Diameter).

Using Safe-T-Lanyard (STL-10-SS or STL-10-V) in an installation which has been designed and installed to our installation instructions will make sure your emergency stop system will comply with all the relevant Australian and International Standards. 

Available in: Safe-T-Lanyard STL-10-SS and Safe-T-Lanyard STL-10-V.

Safe-T-Lanyard (Vectran ™).

Safe-T-Lanyard (Vectran™).