A Pull-Safe Test Certificate will include the following information:



  • Certificate Number
  • Build Date
  • Part Number
  • Distributor
  • Order Number
  • Client Number

A Pull-Safe emergency stop lanyard switch will also be tested for mechanical and electrical functionality. 

Mechanical function (as per Electric Control Products design parameters) tests are:

  1. Switch plate operation to Electric Control Products parameters before installation in switch enclosures;
  2. Lid functionality to Electric Control Products parameters before installation on enclosure;
  3. Tripping operation of pull rods, resetting switch and tripping via reset dial to Australian, International and Electric Control Products parameters;
  4. Overall visual check and quality assurance of all components before and after construction.


Electrical function (electrical continuity) tests are:

  1. Continuity test of all the micro switches in all normally closed and open positions and electrical connections @ 1 mA 2.7V DC.
  2. Visual check and quality assessment of all micro switch components, cables and connections before installation on switch plate.

Other Electric Control Products switches available with a Test Certificate include