At Electric Control Products, we take pride in designing and manufacturing safety equipment for conveyor systems. Below you will find our product range, from switches through to other safety equipment.


             Hazardous Area Ex i/Dust Ignition Proof Equipment

Electric Control Products is proud to be one of the few manufacturers of PBT/PC polymer safety switches in Australia which can be utilised in Ex zones.

Our static dissipative polymer is flame retardant to VO standard, UV stable, high impact and permanently dissipative to under 10^9Ω. It is also manufactured using one of the first coloured static dissipative high impact materials in the world.

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                                        Safe-T Switches

Our range of safety switches are either PBT/PC or electro polished 2mm 316 stainless steel. A selection are also available in static dissipation PBT/PC.     

                                    Other Safe-T Equipment